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= Usage Instructions =
See AfsOsd/UsageInstructions.

Usage Instructions

See AfsOsd/UsageInstructions.

Logical data structure

(taken from meeting protocol) * as a directory can use no more than one policy, it appears sensible to allow creating "meta policies" from existing ones

  • possible grammars
    • a very simple way would be

      Rule Rule ...


      Simple_Rule | PolicyID


      Predicate Predicate ... Verdict


      NoOSD | SimpleFile | StripingRules


      NumStripes StripeSize NumCopies

    • in this model, the first rule with all predicates being matched by a given file will apply, return its verdict and evaluation ends
    • an alternative implementation of the above grammar could be: Don't ever abort evaluation. Each matching rule will override the previous verdict. Thus, later rules have priority.
    • a combination of the two ideas would require an enhanced grammar:

      Predicate Predicate ... Verdict ContinueOption


      AbortIfMatched | AbortAlways | Continue

    • this would allow to specify wether the volume global policy should be used as a fallback. That's the only conceivable use of the "AbortAlways" tag.

      • update: still makes no sense, as an "AbortAlways" rule can be embedded as a "AbortIfMatched" rule without any predicates. Thus:

      • ContinueOption

        AbortIfMatched | Continue

      • implementation: this will hopefully translate to policies like "if <..> do x, otherwise if <..> do y, however if <..> do z, otherwise do default"


  • unions are a fine way to stuff the different possible types of predicates into one value
  • they complicate the generated data structures, however
  • also, to have more than value in one union branch, a structure needs to be created
    • that's no design problem in itself, but code readability suffers
  • therefore, neither rule nor verdict are unions
  • instead, the verdict is a bitmap containing
    • OSD usage yes/no
    • striping options (#stripes, stripe-size, #copies)
    • continue flag (actually, a stop-flag)
  • to work around an extraneous struct access (as in policy.rules[0].rule_u.simple_rule.predicates vs policy.rules[0].predicates) the rule struct holds all:

    • a field for the used policy id (to be 0 in case of a simple rule)
    • a pointer to the list of predicates (to be NULL in case of a policy reference)
    • an afs_int32 that serves as verdict bitmap (s.a.), unused in case of a policy reference

negative predicates

  • didn't want to add actual union cases for these
  • couldn't include it as a flag, as predicate is a union and can have only one field per case
  • didn't want to introduce an extraneous struct level (policy.rule[0].predicates[0].pred_struct.predicate_u.min_size == madness)

    • versus: policy.rule[0].predicates[0].predicate_u.min_size == oh_well_you_know

  • solution
    • introduced artificial predicate types for negated predicates (e.g. POLICY_MIN_SIZE => POLICY_MIN_SIZE_NOT)

    • invariant: ( PREDTYPE_NOT == PREDTYPE | 1 )
    • if the negated types are used, the union content is void, will use the regular fields regardless (e.g. min_size)

    • to enable correct un/marshalling, bogus union fields have to be added as well, but we won't need to use them in code

On "don't care" values

  • it was clear to me very soon that policy rules must be capable of specifying "don't care" for
    • stripes
    • stripe-size
    • copies
  • so far, the usd_osd field used to be yes/no, with no don't-care possible

  • this isn't desirable in all cases though
  • these things would be impossible as is:
    • create a policy that uses striping in case OSD is used at all (e.g. by the default by-size behaviour), currently a striping rule implicitly enables OSD use
  • conclusion
    • it would be neat to have don't-care values for the OSD flag as well
    • there are more than two different values then
    • there shall be one bit each for OSD use and local disk (i.e. fileserver) use, and they cannot be both set
    • setting neither has a don't-care semantics

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