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#acl DvGroup:read,write,admin,delete,revert /!\ '''This web page will no longer be updated.''' Please use this link for [[https://dv-zeuthen.desy.de/services/grid/|current information]].

/!\ This web page will no longer be updated. Please use this link for current information.

First steps

First of all you will need a grid certificate. Nearly everything about it is described on Grid certificates at DESY. If you work on the DESY-Zeuthen campus, please do not send the filled-out "DESY identification form" to UCO in Hamburg directly! Give it to Simone Wassberg (office: 1R/21) instead. Please also bring along your passport or id-card in order to validate your identity.

Grid User Interface

  • How to setup the Grid (EMI-3 UI) environment on SL6 nodes. For login shells zsh & bash use:

    [your-wgs] ~ % source /project/grid/etc/profile.d/setup-grid-ui.sh
  • ... and for tcsh (only minimally tested):
    [your-wgs] ~ % source /project/grid/etc/profile.d/setup-grid-ui.csh
  • On SL5 nodes you can still try the old gLite-3.2 UI ( /!\ THIS UI IS UNSUPPORTED! Expect problems!)

    [your-wgs] ~ % ini glite 

MyProxy Server

Proxy certificates have a limited life time, only. In order to e.g. run periodically tasks with valid proxy certificates you can use our MyProxy server (myproxy.zeuthen.desy.de).

Store a long-living credential (30 days in this case) on the MyProxy server. It can be retrieved by the user "$USER" later:

[your-wgs] ~ % myproxy-init -c $((30*24)) -n -Z $USER

{i} As the environment variable $MYPROXY_SERVER is predefined on all SL6 nodes, you don't need to specify the server.

Retrieve a fresh proxy certificate with enabled VOMS extension (in this case: 'icecube' VO):

[your-wgs] ~ % myproxy-logon -n -m icecube
A credential has been received for user <user> in /tmp/x509up_u<your-uid>.

{i} Authentication is done using your Kerberos ticket. So it can perfectly be used inside ACron jobs!

You might want to check the received proxy certificate with:

[your-wgs] ~ % voms-proxy-info --all

Further documentation

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