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/!\ '''This web page will no longer be updated.''' Please use this link for [[https://dv-zeuthen.desy.de/contact/welcome/|current information]].

/!\ This web page will no longer be updated. Please use this link for current information.


We would like to inform you about the specifics in using the DESY computing facilities. Please note, the
Conditions of Use for Information-Processing Systems at DESY are obligatory for you as user.

Computing Service (flyer)

We have created your UNIX and Windows account at DESY, Zeuthen. The initial password is valid for five days only. Please change it at the time.
Regular passwords expire after six months.

  • Changing the password
    To change your password you can either use the intranet web portal: Registry - only accessible within the DESY network -
    or the progam passwd on a linux machine. Login from outside is possible on the linux clusters warp.zeuthen.desy.de or pub.zeuthen.desy.de.
    Use of warp a ssh tunnel will be built to the workgroupserver of your group automatically.
    The password is changed simultaneously on all platforms.

    /!\ Please change your password only by this means!
    For security reasons passwords should never be saved in programs (for example web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox).

  • Password Policy

Every person with an user account in the DESY environment has automatically an eMail address (firstname.lastname@desy.de) and can send and receive eMails via the web client of Zimbra. This applies for new accounts created in March 2015 or later.

  • Mail forwarding
    Please note, mail forwarding can only be changed in the web client of Zimbra, no longer in the DESY Registry!

    /!\ Please do not manipulate the .forward file in your home directory for that reason, it does not have any effect.

  • Further information to Zimbra can be found here

Home quota and storage

  • Windows
    Your initial Home quota is 2 GB. If you need more space in your home directory, please ask your group administrator. You can ask for more space by sending an email to <uco-zn AT desy DOT de>.

  • Unix/Linux
    Your AFS HOME directory is accessible under /afs/ifh.de/user/<initial>/<user>, i.e. /afs/ifh.de/user/t/testuser.
    There is a nightly readonly backup of your home directory in /afs/ifh.de/user/<initial>/<user>/.OldFiles/ This directory does not count towards your quota.
    An AFS token is needed to access anything in AFS that's not world-readable. This AFS token has a lifetime of about 25 hours.
    You get this during the normal login, using kinit, after activating your xsession with xlock or xscreensaver. With klist or tokens you can see the current tickets/tokens.
    There are more information about AFS and AFS Backup/Recover.

    The default quota of your home directory is 500 MB.
    If you need more space please contact <uco-zn AT desy DOT de> for increasing.
    More space is available

    • in AFS group space /afs/ifh.de/group/<group>

      • please contact your group admin
    • additional you can get upto 2 GByte AFS scratch space
      • /afs/ifh.de/user/<initial>/<user>/scratch without backup

      • or space with backup, please contact <uco-zn AT desy DOT de>

    Please take attention to the information about the usage of Storage.

/!\ The local disk of your desktop PC is not in backup!

Available Software

  • Windows
    Software for Windows is provided via NetInstall, a tool for net based installation. The software is classified in different categories. The access to NetInstall is:

    • Start --> All Programs --> NetInstall (DESY) --> Installer & Uninstaller

    If you have chosen a program, press the button Install and the installation on your PC will start automatically. If you do not have access to NetInstall on your Windows computer, please refer to your Group Administrator.

  • Unix/Linux
    For Unix/Linux the software is mostly provided via system. The command apropos <keyword> searches for the keyword in system databases and displays the result. In addition software can be found with the command module avail.
    You can get a list of packages with

    • rpm -qa | grep <you are looking for> or prpm -qa respectively

    and then more information with
    • rpm -qi <rpm> or prpm -qi <rpm> respectively

More information about:

Services DV-Zeuthen




Notebook Registration


Windows Domain "win.desy.de"










Mass Storage


Batch System




Remote Login




Security Advices (only internal)


Computing mailing list
This list is intended for the distribution of important information concerning the computing infrastructure at DESY Zeuthen. It is moderated, and very low volume:

In case of problems, questions or suggestions concerning the information technology at DESY in Zeuthen please contact <uco-zn AT desy DOT de>

Welcome at DESY in Hamburg

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