ACSLS Installation und Management

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Maschine acsls


Zugang Konsole


ACSLS Kommandos

 acsss help    
Usage: acsss <command>
  where command is one of:
     enable             - Enable all ACSSS services.
     temp-enable        - Enable ACSSS svcs for now, but not at next boot.
     maint-enable       - Enable all services except acsls, stmf, and smce.
     db                 - Enable acsdb.  Disable all others.
     disable            - Idle server, then disable acsls, stmf, and smce.
     force-disable      - Disable acsls, stmf and smce immediately.
     shutdown           - Render a complete shutdown of ACSLS services.
     status             - Show status of ACSSS services.
     p-status           - Show ACSSS status and underlying pids.
     l-status           - Show detailed status of ACSSS services.
     g-status           - Show status of the ACSLS GUI.
     legal              - Display Legal Notice

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Hinweise zur Installation

weitere Logfiles der Installation

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