Adobe Reader for Linux Removal on September 27 2013

Adobe no longer supports the Adobe Reader version 9.x with updates (Adobe Blog). There will be no more fixes for new security issues. In the past, security problems affected the reader on all three platforms, Linux, MacOS and Windows. There has been an update for the supported versions of Adobe Reader on MacOS and Windows, so it is probable that the bug could be exploited in the Linux version as well (Adobe Security).

We have decided to remove Adobe Reader from Linux. You can use Evince or mupdf for reading PDF files, Evince for SL6 has limited form editing support as well. Most features like printing work fine with Evince on SL6. If you need features only available in Adobe Reader, please use winrdp to connect to the Windows Terminal Server and run Adobe Reader for Windows. In case you don't have access to the terminal server yet, please send a request to .

Newer Evince on Ubuntu

The colleagues in Hamburg have set up an Ubuntu 14.04 workgroup server with Evince 3.10 at . It has better PDF support than the SL6 version and can be used for filling the travel form.

Newer Evince on SL7

The public SL7 preview machine sl7 has a newer Evince that is compatible with filling and saving the travel form.

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