Command help

It is recommend to look how the commands work.

A little overview:

Where are my Files?

If you want to know where you files are stored, try

You get an output like:

So you know on which volume your files where stored.

Where are my Volumes?

With fs exa you the name and the volume ID, now you can type:

There you get a large output about the volume.

The last entry says:

Below you see where you volumes are stored.

How many OSD Server are on the site?


Thats a little list of all server with an entry in the osddb.

Instead of the name you can also use the ID of the server for further commands.

Can I see all volumes on one server?

Yes, you get all volumes on a server with

Thats only an list of volume numbers on the given OSD without further information.

How can i create a mirror-/stripe-file?

Where are the data about a mirrored or striped file?


Gather Information

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