Code management

A CVS pserver based on Scientific Linux 3 (RHEL3) is set up to provide code management. It is running a chrooted cvs and uses the ext method via secure SSL (stunnel). At present several software repositories are managed herein. The service is administrated by HaraldVogt at DESY Zeuthen. For the projects hosted there is a cvsweb interface.

The web access is possible following the URL's

CVS server access

On the client side the ccvssh package has to be installed. ccvssh on Windows XP requires that OpenSSL is installed.

Make sure that the ccvssh binary is in your PATH environment.

For other (UNIX) platforms one has to install the ccvssh package from source.

For Windows XP my adaption of ccvssh as ccvssh MS Visual C++ project (WINDOWS) can be used to install it. It requires OpenSSL which has to be installed first if it not exists already .

How to connect to the server:

anonymous checkout (UNIX):

export CVS_RSH=ccvssh                                       (bash shell)
export"project"      (bash shell)
ccvssh login
(prompted for password: should be blank)
cvs co -r "release tag" "module name"

developers access (UNIX):

"user name": CVS user name of the developer
"user password": Password for CVS server access for the user

export CVS_RSH=ccvssh                                       (bash shell)
export CVSROOT=:ext:"user name""project"    (bash shell)
ccvssh login
(prompted for password: enter the users CVS server password)
cvs co "module name"

cvs ci -m "developers comment"

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