Finding Information

These are the most important sources of information:

Staying Informed

There's a low volume, moderated mailing list where announcements of general interest to users of our computing facilities and services are posted. Subscribing is a very good idea.

To be informed about changes to pages of interest in this Wiki by e-mail, any page can be subscribed to by clicking on the corresponding icon. This just requires an account for the Wiki. Please request one from uco.

Major computing news are published in the "Hausmitteilung Zeuthen" newsletter. In german only, though.

Presentations about current topics in computing in Zeuthen are frequently given in the technical seminar. The list of past presentations is here.

Getting Help

Please send mail to <uco-zn AT desy DOT de>.

Such a mail

If you don't receive an answer within a short time, the reason is usually one of those:

Please refrain from phone calls or walking into someone's office, unless in emergencies. Most staff is usually busy doing work that requires a high degree of focus, and any interruption has a significant, negative impact on the amount of work we can get done for you and all other users. Communicating strictly via email through the request tracker also makes sure that everyone involved is up to date, and all related information is available.

If you feel that an answer is overdue, please complain (by mail).

Please always reply to a previous message you received from the request tracker for the same issue, if possible. This will make sure your reply is added to the existing ticket, instead of creating a new one.

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