Mailmigration (deutsch)

The following steps are required

1. Checking the contents of the PEM

The PEM can be found in the Registry under 'Modify Person' for each person in the field 'Physical e-mail address'

If the PEM contains or, then go to step 2. Otherwise no migration is required.

If the PEM does not point to Hamburg (does not contain, then only the mail routing has to be adapted (then goto step 4)

2. Check that no mails are stored yet in Zimbra

Visit the URL Zimbra and search there for non empty mail folders. If folders with mails do exist, please save its contents or rename the mail folders such that there will be no name clash between folders in Zeuthen and folders in Zimbra. Under some circumstances existing mails in Zimbra can get lost when doing the mail migration. Go to step 3.

3. Mail migration


4. Delete (or set differently if needed) the mail forwardings in Zimbra

5. Changing the PEM in the registry

6. Check for newly arrived mails in Zeuthen during the mail migration

Simply repeat step 3. Important: no mails should have been deleted meanwhile in Zeuthen, as this delete would be propagated to Zimbra. This repeated synchronization should typically last for a few seconds only.

If all mails have correctly been transferred to Zimbra, optionally step 7 can follow

7. Deleting the mails in Zeuthen (optional)

Important: after deleting mails in Zeuthen the migration step (3 and 6) must not be repeated, otherwise the delete will get synched to Zimbra and the mails would also be removed from Zimbra.

8. Reconfiguration of the mail clients

With this last step the migration procedure is complete. As from now on the Hamburg mail infrastructure gets used, all mail clients (on the desktop, laptops, cellphones, ...) have to be reconfigured

For this procedure please follow the instructions on the web. At least the mail reception ( and sending mail ( has to be configured properly.

Sending mails from private computers behind a router may remain blocked unless the mail server gets declared on the router as a secure mail server (this is e.g. the case for newer Telekom routers).

For alpine at least the following changes have to be made in the Config menue (m s c):

and in the Collection Lists menue (m s l):

If there are other occurences of the string then they have to be replaced by as well. Especially the sent-mail folder (field Default FCC) might have this string.

/!\ If then the command

grep ifh ~/.pinerc

is still producing output containing the string or then the corresponding fields in pine have to be changed.

It is recommended that GUI users (Thunderbird etc.) create a new account with the proper settings.

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