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Notebook and Mobile Devices (Internet) Network Access @ DESY Zeuthen

In the following you can find some more information about both network access classes, WLAN and also cable attached access.

Network Access - 2 classes

Limited Access


In the DESY-guest network, a cable based and a wireless network interface are provided.
The DESY-guest subnet is mainly provided for guests staying at DESY for a limited time. Gaining access to it only takes a few minutes. Access to internal services is limited (no Login into Windows Domain). The access rights basically correspond to those of anonymous external hosts, but some services (email, printing, AFS, ntp, web) are available.

The MAC addresses of the device and the responsible person must be made known to the computer center.

The registration can be done


The wireless network eduroam is another WLAN guest network which is provided. It can be used by guests whose home institutes offer the service eduroam. No further registration at DESY is required. DESY employees can take part in the eduroam project.
Please contact <uco-zn AT desy DOT de> to obtain a WLAN account for 'eduroam'.

Detailed information can be found at eduroam

Internal Access for Trusted Devices

Trusted Devices

The DESY Computer Security Council (RSR) issued a set of rules and recommendations to be followed by anoyone operating computers attached to the DESY internal network:

By signing the form mentioned there, you acknowledge and accept these rules. A device is classified as trusted if the form signed by the responsible person has been filed with UCO Zeuthen:

eMail : <uco-zn AT desy DOT de>
Fax : +49 33762 77216
Address: DESY Zeuthen, UCO, Platanenallee 6, 15738 Zeuthen

For DESY notebooks centrally supported by DV Zeuthen, you only need to turn your attention to Notebook Security Windows
and sign a special form when the notebook is claimed from the computing after installation.

Cable Based Network Access

Wireless Network Access

To use one of the internal wireless networks a registration (MAC address, user name, institute, email address) is necessary. You will receive the access parameter from UCO. The registration is valid in Hamburg and Zeuthen.

Availability of Network Facilities

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