Notebook and Mobile Devices (Internet) Network Access @ DESY Zeuthen

If you want to connect a notebook or other mobile device to the DESY Zeuthen network you have to follow the instructions below. The MAC addresses and responsible persons of all mobile devices have to be made known to the computer center.

Network Access Facilities

1. Internal access

  1. via cable attached Ethernet interface for trusted devices (see below)

  2. via wireless interface
    in addition to being trusted, the device has to use a special SSID and a WEP key. These are identical for the internal networks at DESY, both in Hamburg and Zeuthen.
    You will get the SSID and WEP key from uco-zn on request. If you do not use the WEP key your registered notebook will only get access to the guest subnet.

2. External access (guest subnet, non trusted devices)

How to register as a trusted device

The DESY Computer Security Council (RSR) demands that the persons responsible for a computer that should be connected to the internal DESY network have to read

obey the rules and sign the form mentioned there. The form has to be sent to uco Zeuthen:

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