News/2006-01-30: New ROOT version 5.08.00 to be installed tonight

Bugfix update b of root version 5.08.00 is now available on SL3 as both 32-bit and 64-bit builds. See the release notes for the long list of improvements and new features. Find more info on the new ROOT_Status page.

This is the complete changelog entry from the RPM package:

- new major version
- update Users Guide to 5_08
- build against openssl-0.9.8a, krb5-1.4.2
- build with pythia6 support on x86_64 as well
- introduced a macro for the pythia version
- enabled new options mathcore, mathmore, reflex, cintex, roofit, minuit2
- other new features (splot, smatrix, xrootd) are enabled by default
- re-enabled html pages build - works for me ;-)
- introduced a convention for dealing with upstrem bugfix release:
  - see
  - 5.08/00b becomes root-5.08.00-b.<desy release>
  - the "upd" macro should hold "b"
- native dcache access through the generic interface is known NOT to work:
  - fails: TFile::Open("dcap:///acs/...")
    - segfault on 32-bit, error "file not existing" on 64-bit
    - probably got broken when GFAL support was introduced
  - works: new TDCacheFile("/acs/...")
  - works after "LD_PRELOAD=.../ root": TFile::Open("/acs/...")
  - all this was tested with dcache-1.2.39 for SL3/ia32 and (native) SL3/amd64
- add some more info to the description
- qt on amd64 not tested, left disabled

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