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2008-11-24: Network Maintenance

06:00-08:00 a.m. upgrade 10GE backbone infrastructure

During this time network connectivity and availability of central services (in particular NFS) are several interrupted for up to 2 min.

2008-07-25: Network Maintenance

01.08.08 17:00 - 03.08.08 18:00 Network Maintenance

During this time the network is unavailable.

Affected rooms: 1L01-1L48, 1A01-1A05,2L01-2L46, 2A01-2A06, 1H101.

Please logout and shutdown your desktop on Friday evening to prevent system problems.

2008-07-21: SL5.2 Update, firefox3, pine -> alpine

Tonight, all SL5 farm nodes will be updated to SL5.2, with SL5 desktop PCs following two days later. With this update, the pine e-mail application will finally be superseded by alpine. And finally, firefox will be updated to version 3 tonight.

2008-03-18: Update of all user accessible SL5 systems to release 5.1

Tonight, all SL5 desktops will receive the minor update to SL5.1. This is a normal procedure happening about twice a year. SL5 farm nodes and most WGS have been updated last night already.

2008-02-04: PUB's will be upgraded to SL5

PUB's will be upgraded to SL5 - Hints for X-Win32 users

2007-10-30: Firefox Font Display Problems on SL3

The last security update of firefox for SL3 had a number of problems. The cursor positioning problem was fixed, but some pages don't display correctly.

This only affects SL3, and possibly cannot be fixed before firefox is removed from SL3 systems end of November, when SL3 support enters legacy mode.

As a workaround, log on to an SL5 system and start firefox there.

2007-10-26: Firefox Cursor Problems on SL3

Since the last update, positioning the cursor in test input widgets no longer works corrcectly. This only affects SL3, and possibly cannot be fixed before firefox is removed from SL3 systems end of November, when SL3 support enters legacy mode.

2007-05-10: Scientific Linux 5 now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Scientific Linux 5 for linux users at DESY, Zeuthen.

2007-03-12: Intel compiler shared libraries installed on 64 bit machines

The 32 bit shared runtime libraries of the Intel C/C++ and Fortran compilers are now installed on the 64 bit SL3 machines as well. Unfortunately, the native 64 bit libraries had to bemoved to a different directory, so your 64 bit jobs might need to be fixed.

2006-08-18: Battery Recall Program for Dell Notebooks

"From the Dell page: Dell has identified a potential issue associated with certain batteries sold with Dell Latitude™, [...] and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation™ notebook computers. [...] Under rare conditions, it is possible for these batteries to overheat, which could pose a risk of fire."

Please check your battery. Detailed instructions are found here:

For linux users, there's a script available to ease the first step of identifying affected models:

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