2007-05-10: Scientific Linux 5 now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Scientific Linux 5 for linux users at DESY, Zeuthen.

The integration of the both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions into our computing environment is complete.

The 32-bit version is available for any kind of system in Zeuthen now.

The 64-bit version has not been released by scientificlinux.org, but we set up a public preview system for this platform as well. We believe that this latest release candidate will not change in any significant way before the release, which we expect to happen within one week.

SL5 is foreseen to completely replace SL3 on desktops by the end of the year. Reasons why users would want it on their desktop include

The farm and other user accessible SL3 systems are foreseen to be migrated gradually during the next few months. SL5 will then be our production system for likely two years or longer.

Please try the preview systems

and let us know what's missing or not working for you, so we can iron out the remaining problems or at least document the ones that can't be fixed.

For more information, please see SL5_User_Information

With Best Regards,

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