2007-10-30: Firefox Font Display Problems on SL3

The last security update of firefox for SL3 had a number of problems. The cursor positioning problem was fixed, but some pages don't display correctly.

This only affects SL3, and possibly cannot be fixed before firefox is removed from SL3 systems end of November, when SL3 support enters legacy mode.

As a workaround, log on to an SL5 system and start firefox there.

Firefox, like thunderbird, is an add-on package provided by the SL project. There is no support from Red Hat for firefox on Enterprise Linux 3. Instead, the SL developers take the source package for EL4, and build it on and for SL3 after some minor modifications. So far, this has worked fairly well, but some of the latest security fixes in firefox seem not to work well with the aging system environment on SL3.

It has been clear for a while that SL3 will enter "legacy mode" in autumn 2007, and that add-ons like firefox will be removed when this happens, which we now expect to be end of November. Details about what this means for SL3 users will be announced soon.

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