2008-07-21: SL5.2 Update, firefox3, pine -> alpine

Tonight, all SL5 farm nodes will be updated to SL5.2, with SL5 desktop PCs following two days later. With this update, the pine e-mail application will finally be superseded by alpine. And finally, firefox will be updated to version 3 tonight.

Here's a copy of the announcement sent to the computing list today:

Dear Colleagues,

we'd like to inform you about a few imminent changes:

SL5 Update to 5.2

This is a regular "minor update", and we do not expect any problems for users. Farm nodes will be updated tonight, with desktop PCs and workgroup servers following in the night from wednsesday to thursday.

If you'd like to test SL5.2 before, you can do so on host lx64.ifh.de. If you'd like to have selected systems updated earlier, please let us know.

Firefox 3

Tonight, we will roll out the update to firefox 3 on all SL5 systems. We hope that this will bring en end to the stability problems many users observed. We are aware of these changes that might affect users:

pine superseded by alpine

With the 5.2 update, alpine will finally supersede pine. You should think of alpine as a new version of pine, with the name reflecting the more liberal license of alpine (the pine one was a bit cumbersome).

Former pine users should have no problem using alpine.

Compatibility symlinks like pine -> alpine are provided for the time being.

With Best Regards,

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